Hip & Groin Pain overview

Hip & Groin Pain overview

Our hip surgeons are all experts in the diagnosis and management of both acute injuries and degenerative conditions of the hip. We will help you to understand a clear diagnosis for your problem and guide you through the available options tailored to your specific goals.

Younger patients with hip or groin pain, often made worse by activity, may have a condition known as femoro-acetabular impingement which can cause inflammation of the hip joint lining and damage to the hip labrum, the specialized cartilage of the hip joint.

As we get older wear and tear of the joint is the predominant cause of hip and groin symptoms, known as osteoarthritis or simply arthritis.

For some of us who have already had a hip replacement, the onset of new hip symptoms can be worrying and may represent loosening or wear of the implants.

Should a surgical option be right for you the team at the Invicta Clinic have extensive experience in both arthroscopic hip surgery (keyhole) and more traditional open procedures, such as hip replacement. We will always ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment using the best scientific evidence. Should a form of replacement be necessary we will only recommend implants that have the best long term outcome data as shown by the National Joint Registry and the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP).

A personalised rehabilitation programme, either after surgery or as a definitive management plan, will ensure that you receive a tailored plan to get you back to your best and achieve your goals.

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